Debt collection requires a systemic approach, which can prioritize collections, provide resources for research and data management, handle incoming inquiries, and monitor unpaid debt. Creating a robust system comes with significant costs in terms of recruitment and infrastructure.

The Launchpad Team can save you time and money as we already employ top specialists in debt administration, who utilize advanced tracking and data management systems to deliver maximum value for clients. We will retrieve money owed to you in a professional and efficient manner, ensuring compliance with your policies and requirements.

Whether your agency handles mortgage, auto, or student loan debt, The Launchpad Team is here to make debt recovery and management hassle-free.

Types of Bookkeeping

Data Entry
We will help you keep your financial records organized and up-to-date.
Accounts Receivable & Payable
The Launchpad Team will ensure your business has a healthy cash flow by managing your incoming and outgoing payments.
Improve employee satisfaction by ensuring payroll is always done on time.
Avoid any potential problems in the future by using The Launchpad Team to reconcile your company’s daily, monthly, and yearly records.

Why Outsource Bookkeeping ?

Bookkeeping should only be done by experts who possess proper certification and training. Errors can be crippling. Outsourcing this function allows you to hire top professionals, who will safeguard your business and its interests

Unless you are a multi-national organization, employing an in-house bookkeeper does not justify the costs. Outsourcing is a significantly more affordable solution, which allows you to receive quality services for lower costs

Such financial records as payroll and accounts receivable and payable must be kept private and secure. This function must be performed by a partner you can count on. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper, who will stay with your company long-term is not easy. Outsourcing it to The Launchpad Group will give you a peace of mind

Whether your company is on a growth path or in the process of downsizing, outsourcing bookkeeping services gives you the flexibility to “pay as you go”