Debt Collections

Debt collection requires a systemic approach, which can prioritize collections, provide resources for research and data management, handle incoming inquiries, and monitor unpaid debt. Creating a robust system comes with significant costs in terms of recruitment and infrastructure.

The Launchpad Team can save you time and money as we already employ top specialists in debt administration, who utilize advanced tracking and data management systems to deliver maximum value for clients. We will retrieve money owed to you in a professional and efficient manner, ensuring compliance with your policies and requirements.

Whether your agency handles mortgage, auto, or student loan debt, The Launchpad Team is here to make debt recovery and management hassle-free.


Our Services Includes :

Outbound Debt Collection
Inbound Debt Collection
Debt Pay Down
Debt Refinancing

Why outsource debt collection ?

Customer Retention
Reduced Costs
Robust Data Management

Student Loans

The Launchpad Team prides itself on respectful communication with students and alumni. Equipped with the latest technology and employing highly skilled professionals, we service all types of student loans and campus-based debt

We understand the sensitive nature of the process. Our approach is based on open and consistent communication, which identifies the best strategy for both our clients and for debtors. From consulting student borrowers on a range of options available to them, to working with institutions on devising the optimal approach for student debt recovery, to producing monthly reports and analysis, The Launchpad Team takes the burden off of its clients and allows them to dedicate more time to their core business

Cost efficiency
From building an internal infrastructure, to hiring and training staff, to ensuring compliance, setting up an internal student loan recovery function is a costly endeavor. Outsourcing is a significantly more affordable alternative
Higher Probability Of Recovery
Through application of the latest techniques and technologies, our agents have a high success rate of student loan recovery. We maximize your return on investment, while maintaining respectful relationship with student borrowers
Outsourcing your student loan recover needs gives allows you to have as many cases as needed. You don’t need to worry about scaling the internal function up or down depending on the volume of cases. The Launchpad Team got you covered!