Customer Support

While continuously signing up new customers drives a business forwards, retaining existing ones is what creates a solid financial foundation. Exceptional customer support is the key to customer retention. Ensuring your existing customers are happy with your products, are assisted in case of any problems with it, feel appreciated, and continue to purchase from you should be the goal of a customer support center

However, setting it up is not viable for many businesses. It requires dedicated staff, continuous training, and infrastructure. The Launchpad Team is the ideal solution. Our team of experts will be able to assist your customers in a professional, responsive, and reliable manner. We treat each customer as our own, ensuring their problems and concerns are promptly resolved

Why Outsource Customer Support ?

Save Big
Running a customer support center internally commits your business to high fixed monthly costs. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to “pay as you go”. Furthermore, you don’t need to invest in set-up costs. We already have the infrastructure and the team in place
Focus On Core Business
Outsourcing customer support allows you to focus on producing superior products and services and selling them to new customers
Improved Customer Experience
Customers want to be appreciated and heard. Poor customer experience has a direct impact on your brand, especially in the age of social media. Outsourcing to a reliable partner means your customers are guaranteed first-class support and care
Customer Insights
The Launchpad Team employees have years of experience in providing customer support via phone. They are trained to extract valuable information from interactions with customers and identify patterns, problem areas, and new sales opportunities

What problems customer support can address in your business ?

Product Improvement
If you get 100 people experiencing the same problem with your product, it points to a large-scale malfunction, which must be instantly addressed. A customer support center gives businesses an opportunity to gather valuable customer feedback and use that feedback to further improve their products.
Brand Presentation
If you don’t have enough resources to run a dedicated customer support center within your organization, your customers’ needs will not be addressed in a timely professional manner. You also risk damaging your company’s reputation as customers often voice their opinions of brands on their social media platforms.
Business Growth
As you grow your business and the number of customers, the volume of requests from these customers is bound to grow as well. Failure to address these requests in a timely manner will damage your image and growth potential.

Order Processing & Fulfillment

Whether you run a printing company, an ecommerce store, or a manufacturing business, the ability to take and process orders promptly and efficiently is a must. Handling new requests is much more than answering a phone and writing down your customers’ information. It requires secure data management, professional communication, and trained staff.

Working with The Launchpad Team gives you access to the latest technology, robust infrastructure, and experienced agents, who will process order requests in a matter of minutes. We will ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competition by earning your brand a reputation for exceptional service.

Why outsource order processing ?

Reduced Costs
You don’t need to invest in setting up an in-house order processing center. Take advantage of the superior resources of The Launchpad Team.
Fast Turnaround
Our agents have handled thousands of order requests, making them uniquely qualified to support your business growth.
Many businesses have low and high sales periods. Building this function in-house means that your staff is either overwhelmed with work or has too little work to handle. Outsourcing allows you to adjust your partnership depending on your needs.

Contact Center

Customer support is no longer limited to phone inquiries. Email and social media are increasingly popular choices for customers to interact with businesses. This diversification of communication channels allows existing customers and people interested in a particular product to select a method they are most comfortable with, improving their satisfaction. However, it also increases the costs of running a well-functioning contact center.

The Launchpad Team offers you the infrastructure, knowledge, experience, and staff to handle any and all inquiries, be they via phone, email, messaging or social media. You don’t have to worry about missing opportunities or failing to address customers’ concerns. We ensure your brand gets top-quality representation through our agents.

Types Of Support We Offer

This mode of communication remains the most direct and efficient way to address inquiries. The Launchpad Team ensures that every inquiry is handled promptly, minimizing wait time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Failing to promptly address inquiries via email because it gets buried in your inbox will likely result in a potential customer switching to your competition. Our agents handle email inquiries as soon as they arrive, increasing your chances of signing up this person as a long-term customer.

Becoming increasingly a communication channel of choice for consumers, social media offers numerous benefits. It makes communication with a brand more personal, increases engagement, and improves customer journey.

Offering live chat to your customers is a vital part of improving your customer experience. It also requires the ability to be instantly available and responsive. Our team stands at the ready to deliver the highest level of support to your customers.

Why outsource contact center ?

Cost efficiency
Between purchasing technology, allocating office space, and hiring and training dedicated staff, setting up a contact center is expensive. Outsourcing makes it affordable even for a small business.
Brand Cohesiveness
Communicating your brand message in the same manner over a phone call, email, chat and social media shapes your brand’s image. The Launchpad Team ensures cohesiveness and continuity in communication.
Data Collection & Analysis
The Launchpad Team utilizes the latest technology to keep track of data, organize it into categories to make it easily accessible to its clients, and extracts valuable insights on customers and target markets.