Frequently Asked Questions

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing or Offshoring. It involves hiring and paying an overseas company or service provider to handle absolutely everything related to your business processes, enabling you to fully and successfully operate your own business.

Managed Outsourcing is a method or practice that ensures positive work results from the members of the team. Through our highly skilled management team who oversees all your team members’ performance, we would be held accountable for the results of their work.

Unlike with freelancers where you don’t have anyone there to monitor and manage their work, Managed Outsourcing bridges the gap for businesses to continually communicate with their outsourced members.

paying for the manual work to create or cleanse your list can be time consuming and costly; outsourcing this service to a dedicated team of experts allows you to take advantage of economies of scale.
data cleansing and verification require precision, a solid grasp of data management systems, and the ability to spot the tiniest of errors.
outsourcing data profiling and list generation allows your business to stay agile as you can scale the project up or down depending on your company’s needs.
The Launchpad Team has completed data cleansing and verification projects for hundreds of companies, which means that you can take advantage of the expertise and the tools that are already in place.
let’s face it , buying a list is ineffective. The data quality is never what you expect and the ROI is never achieved.

Inadequate Sales Pipeline

If your sales pipeline could be use a little filler, it’s time to pick up the phone! Sending an endless stream of emails to prospects is one of the least effective ways to increase sales. Chances are your emails end up in spam folders or are deleted before they are even read. Reaching out to potential clients via a phone call allows you to tailor your message, address objections on the spot, and convert those leads into sales.

Sales Team Turnover

Let’s face it—cold calling is the least favorite activity for any good sales person. Let us take this off their hands and allow them to spend time on higher-value and more enjoyable revenue generation.

Inadequate Sales Pipeline
If your sales pipeline could be use a little filler, it’s time to pick up the phone! Sending an endless stream of emails to prospects is one of the least effective ways to increase sales. Chances are your emails end up in spam folders or are deleted before they are even read. Reaching out to potential clients via a phone call allows you to tailor your message, address objections on the spot, and convert those leads into sales.

Sales Team Turnover
Let’s face it, cold calling is the least favorite activity for any good sales person. Let us take this off their hands and allow them to spend time on higher-value and more enjoyable revenue generation.

Dedicated experts
Proper lead generation requires a comprehensive strategy that will connect various interaction points with potential customers and use gathered information to create a detailed profile as a support tool for sales professionals.

Smart resource planning
Outsourcing lead generation is a substantially more affordable alternative to running campaigns internally. Coupled with strengthened sales potential, outsourcing this process creates a reliable partner that’s directly invested in the success of your business.

Access to specialized technologies
The Launchpad Team employs industry’s latest tech for such processes as email marketing, data retrieval, data management, and information analysis.

Minimal risk
Building an internal lead generation function is a heavy financial investment. As such, it presents serious risks should the results disappoint, especially for small businesses. Outsourcing solves this problem as it gives business owners the flexibility to stop, resume, and pause their partnership at any point.

Stronger Engagement
Every user has his/hers preferred mode of communication. For some it’s email, others appreciate quick LinkedIn interactions. Finally, there are those who are best engaged via a phone call. Limiting your outreach efforts to only one mode of interaction reduces the number of people you successfully engage.

Long-Term Strategy & Immediate Results
Telemarketing is typically a more direct approach to lead generation. As such, it delivers faster results. However, successful companies cannot rely entirely on short-term gains. Digital marketing allows businesses to build renewable sources of leads, which, upon initial set-up, require only smaller adjustments.

Stronger Engagement
Email and LinkedIn marketing campaigns engage potential customers on a more consistent basis, nurturing leads over time, and ensuring that appointments that you get are even more qualified and sales ready when we get them on the phone.

Minimal Risk, Maximum Reward
outsourcing sales processes is significantly more affordable than recruiting and training a team internally. At the same time, working with experienced consultants whose success is directly tied to the amount of revenue they generate for your business ensures results.

As your business grows, you can easily increase your outsourced sales force. No need for additional headcount or office space.

Higher conversion
High-performing sales professionals know how to find an individual approach to each lead. They are trained to overcome objections, stay focused and motivated, and identify uniquely appealing selling points. A significantly smaller number of leads end up getting wasted, resulting in more frequent and larger sales.

Company Growth
Very few businesses can grow without an active sales force. While marketing your products and services is important, nothing beats the results-driven nature of sales. However, not everyone is equally successful at building a sales team. It’s a skill that is often honed and refined over time, which is why you want to entrust the responsibility to the most capable and experienced sales professionals.

Customer Insights
A sales representative is often times the first point of contact with a potential customer. As such, he/she gathers vital intelligence on you customers’ needs, preferences, buying habits, budget, and challenges. This knowledge empowers businesses to adjust their strategies in a way that would maximize returns

Reduced Costs
Hiring and training a team to run pre-event campaigns are both time consuming and costly. Employee turnover rates in the event production industry are extremely high, meaning you constantly have to pump fresh energy into your sales team.

If your business is running only one or two events per year, it makes little sense to employ a sales team year round. Not only is it expensive, but these employees are likely to get demotivated during slow periods. Outsourcing eliminates this problem.

Established Systems
Having worked on a countless number of events globally, The Launchpad Team has the necessary expertise, staff, and technology to run telemarketing, email, and social media campaigns. We ensure that our agents are continuously trained and technology is up-to-date. Outsourcing allows you to tap into these resources.

Save big: running a customer support center internally commits your business to high fixed monthly costs. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to “pay as you go”. Furthermore, you don’t need to invest in set-up costs. We already have the infrastructure and the team in place.

Focus on core business: outsourcing customer support allows you to focus on producing superior products and services and selling them to new customers.

Improved customer experience: customers want to be appreciated and heard. Poor customer experience has a direct impact on your brand, especially in the age of social media. Outsourcing to a reliable partner means your customers are guaranteed first-class support and care.

Customer insights: The Launchpad Team employees have years of experience in providing customer support via phone. They are trained to extract valuable information from interactions with customers and identify patterns, problem areas, and new sales opportunities.

Business Growth

As you grow your business and the number of customers, the volume of requests from these customers is bound to grow as well. Failure to address these requests in a timely manner will damage your image and growth potential.

Brand Representation

If you don’t have enough resources to run a dedicated customer support center within your organization, your customers’ needs will not be addressed in a timely professional manner. You also risk damaging your company’s reputation as customers often voice their opinions of brands on their social media platforms.

Product Improvement

If you get 100 people experiencing the same problem with your product, it points to a large-scale malfunction, which must be instantly addressed. A customer support center gives businesses an opportunity to gather valuable customer feedback and use that feedback to further improve their products.

Reduced costs: you don’t need to invest in setting up an in-house order processing center. Take advantage of the superior resources of The Launchpad Team.

Fast turnaround: our agents have handled thousands of order requests, making them uniquely qualified to support your business growth.

Flexibility: many businesses have low and high sales periods. Building this function in-house means that your staff is either overwhelmed with work or has too little work to handle. Outsourcing allows you to adjust your partnership depending on your needs.

Cost efficiency: between purchasing technology, allocating office space, and hiring and training dedicated staff, setting up a contact center is expensive. Outsourcing makes it affordable even for a small business.

Brand cohesiveness: communicating your brand message in the same manner over a phone call, email, chat and social media shapes your brand’s image. The Launchpad Team ensures cohesiveness and continuity in communication.

Data collection & analysis: The Launchpad Team utilizes the latest technology to keep track of data, organize it into categories to make it easily accessible to its clients, and extracts valuable insights on customers and target markets.

Focus On Priorities
As a medical business, your patients are your priority. Outsourcing billing processes allows you to dedicate more time to your core functions

Reduced Costs
Your business doesn’t need to worry about salaries, creating an internal infrastructure, or maintaining a billing software. It is all taken care of by The Launchpad

Improved Patient Satisfaction
Seeing a medical professional is typically unpleasant for patients for various reasons. If handled inefficiently, medical billing can only add to their negative feelings. Outsourcing the process facilitates a smooth relationship with your patients

Enhanced Cash Flow
Outsourcing billing to a reliable partner facilitates faster payments. Our staff is trained to maximize the process for higher revenue capture

As your business grows, so do the number of administrative tasks an assistant need to perform. Outsourcing to The Launchpad Team gives you the agility to scale the responsibilities of your virtual assistant up or down.

Dedication & Professionalism
Our virtual assistants undergo rigorous training. Possessing superb communication and organizational skills, their support has proven invaluable to our clients.

Lower Cost
Even if you have enough work for a full-time assistant, outsourcing this function to The Launchpad Team is a more affordable option.

No Geographical Limitations
Outsourcing the function of an assistant removes language and time zone barriers. If your suppliers or clients are based in a different time zone, finding an in-house assistant to perform relevant tasks is a challenge. The Launchpad Team is the answer.

Data Entry
We will help you keep your financial records organized and up-to-date.

Improve employee satisfaction by ensuring payroll is always done on time.

Accounts Receivable & Payable
The Launchpad Team will ensure your business has a healthy cash flow by managing your incoming and outgoing payments.

Avoid any potential problems in the future by using The Launchpad Team to reconcile your company’s daily, monthly, and yearly records.

Cost efficiency
From building an internal infrastructure, to hiring and training staff, to ensuring compliance, setting up an internal student loan recovery function is a costly endeavor. Outsourcing is a significantly more affordable alternative

Higher Probability Of Recovery
Through application of the latest techniques and technologies, our agents have a high success rate of student loan recovery. We maximize your return on investment, while maintaining respectful relationship with student borrowers

Outsourcing your student loan recover needs gives allows you to have as many cases as needed. You don’t need to worry about scaling the internal function up or down depending on the volume of cases. The Launchpad Team got you covered!

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