Business owners nowadays are so busy growing their business and have so little time to spare in doing the tedious task of generating leads to fill their sales pipeline. That is where The Launchpad bespoke marketing solutions come in. We take pride in helping out clients in major markets across several industries implement a cost effective lead generation initiatives that truly focus on sifting the most warm and sales-ready leads in the market.

The combination of calls, email and social media platform provides an ideal approach towards better contact ratio, more qualified leads and higher conversion rate for our clients. Besides, we always want to build a relationship with our business partners with longevity in mind.


Account Executive

Why The Launchpad ?

We Understand Your Lead Requirements
Running a lead generation campaign is easy. Identifying the right leads is not. Hence, we always ensure that clients' lead criteria and parameters have been given enough thought right from the get go - from selectively buidling the right list to implementing the right marketing program.
High Calibre Marketing Experts
The secret to a successful outsourced marketing campaign lies on the expertise and experience of the people who implement it. We fully understand that service/product representation is unique to one's target demographics that is why The Launchpad's process is to match every onboarding campaign with the marketing history of our teams.
Brand Awareness Through Three-pronged Marketing Approach
In addition to generating well nurtured leads, we also make sure that part of the strategy is to increase brand awareness among your target audience.

Data Profiling & List Generation

Today, businesses aggregate data at the speed of light. Information on customers, employees, vendors, and dozens of other sources come pouring into internal systems. However, in order to continuously derive value from data, it must be proactively maintained. Bad data costs American businesses $3 Trillion ever year. Using outdated information in communication with customers can impact your company’s revenue by as much as 25%. And as we like to say, “Junk in, junk out.”

The Launchpad Team employs a group of highly trained and experienced data profilers and who can make sure that never happens to your business. Targeted list building, data profiling and segmentation and data cleansing are a cornerstone offering of The Launchpad Team.

Why outsource data profiling & list generation ?

Paying for the manual work to create or cleanse your list can be time consuming and costly; outsourcing this service to a dedicated team of experts allows you to take advantage of economies of scale.

Data cleansing and verification require precision, a solid grasp of data management systems, and the ability to spot the tiniest of errors.

Outsourcing data profiling and list generation allows your business to stay agile as you can scale the project up or down depending on your company’s needs.

The Launchpad Team has completed data cleansing and verification projects for hundreds of companies, which means that you can take advantage of the expertise and the tools that are already in place.

Let’s face it buying a list is ineffective. The data quality is never what you expect and the ROI is never achieved.