In 2004, the founder discovered the world of outsourcing by starting and rising from the ranks. She has worked with the leaders and pioneers of the industry and with locally owned outsourcing companies. She has aided the latter be successful in serving their offshore clients. In this process of transitioning – she has helped narrow the gap of process building, quality of work, client and employment satisfaction between international BPOs and locally owned startups.


Early Years

In 2015, the Launchpad was established. With over 40 years of combined experience of the pioneering leadership team; we started with 10 seats. We were armed with the IAA Idealism. Integrity, Accountability and Adaptability. We have started small but we’ve always had the “Big” mindset. Our actions have always been based on
1. Is it fair, honest and just? Both to our internal (employees) and external clients.
2. Have we assisted in the growth and success of our clients?
3. Were we able to attune with the demands of the fast paced industry? From Telemarketing, we have also served our customers with the hybrid approach, taking care of their data, marketing, email marketing and social media.


Our Flight Path

From Hybrid Lead Generation to Sales and Virtual Assistants, The Launchpad did not only grow in headcount but with the number of satisfied clients. Our expertise for different verticals has flourished too making us one diversified and flexible BPO. To present, our company is operational to acquire voice inbound and outbound projects and fulfill its corporate goal – to be the company for the people and to be the benchmark of providing jobs in the outsourcing industry.


How We Work

Our Program Management team possess over 20 years of track record in delivering exceptional Lead Generation, Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales. We have continuous Training / Leadership training and employee appraisal to keep employee Retention and Satisfaction at high – this is in order to achieve the highest results.

Our Secret Ingredient: I.S.E.E.S.

We sweat the small stuff, so you can take care of the bigger picture.

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    We begin by performing due diligence and fact finding with you to identify all the processes that the outsourcing services will affect. Together, we will identify current strengths and areas for improvement in the campaign. You share with us your expectations and we document them according to the categories of services to be provided. Business rules are identified that currently prioritize the daily workload. This is your most important phase of the project because planning, both strategic and short-term, is key to high ROI.

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    Next, we work together to begin defining everyday call workflow processes and the needed resources to work within those processes. But first, defining service levels by categories of calls and severity impact to your environment must be documented. After defining your caller’s expectations, the project implementation team designs the processes to meet those expectations.

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    Here we work to review the effectiveness and measure the efficiencies of the implemented support structure for the first 30 to 90 days. Brainstorming and Developmental sessions can be brought about to measure customer satisfaction with the new support structure. Questions that are typically asked include: Are customer expectations being met and/or exceeded? Does the new support structure provide resolutions that aid in the reduction of downtime?

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    The new support structure will be implemented by having all phases of support tasks and activities prepared by the agreed upon target date.

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    During the lifetime of the partnership, our dynamic support team will work with you to facilitate continuous improvement initiatives. You are our Vendor Manager is your single point of contact (SPOC) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Any issues, concerns or praises regarding our service can be addressed immediately by this individual. The Vendor Manager sets the meeting frequency with your team and reviews the reports generated for the service provided. This individual also engages in a proactive effort to improve your customer service environment.